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Science and Mathematics in the Holy Quran

A note on Belief and Intelligence

Submitted by Wasim Masarwa on August 19, 2013
I have just read about a recent study claiming to have found a negative relationship between religiosity and intelligence. Essentially the researchers say that intelligence is associated with lower religiosity or in other words, that religious people seem to be less intelligent.
 A synapse

Fasting improves the functioning of the Brain

Submitted by Wasim Masarwa on July 20, 2013
Scientific findings suggest a strong relationship between brain health and fasting.

Endless Miracle of the First Chapter - Part II

Submitted by Wasim Masarwa on May 23, 2011
One of the most incredible mathematical wonders of the Holy Quran is presented here. Huge numbers (+138 digits) derived from chapter number one ALL divisible by 19.
Holy Quran

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made - Creation Journey

Submitted by Wasim Masarwa on September 23, 2010
A chapter in human creation story illustrated with images and animations in this video featuring anatomist Dr. David Menton. Wondeful machinery and Holy care guided our creation.
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Verse endings of Chapter 76 "Human Being"

Submitted by Wasim Masarwa on April 14, 2010
Join us to see more proofs for the ingenious arrangement of Quran's verses. Key biological facts about human beings are encoded, by the Creator, in the letters and verses of chapter "human being".

The sophistication in verse distribution

Submitted by Wasim Masarwa on April 07, 2010
Interesting observations in the distribution of the verses of the Holy Quran on its 114 chapters. It is not a simple matter of even discovering this without modern computer technology.
Holy Quran (Surat Al Kahf)

The point of departure of our odyssey

Submitted by Caner Taslaman on November 14, 2009
Big-Bang theory is one of biggest developments in Cosmology & Physics in the past 70 years. God mentions Big-Bang in the Quran 1430 years ago!
The Big Bang

The Miracle of Adam & Jesus (Peace be upon them)

Submitted by Abduldaem Al-Kaheel on October 21, 2009
Interesting phenomena can be seen in the arrangment of the words "Adam" & "Jesus" in the Holy Quran. Have a look at this to know more about Jesus Christ in the Quran.